Suffering from Backpain?

For a long-term solution that doesn't involve medication or surgery, join today!

The Backpain Freedom Program aims to permanently reduce backpain, by analysing the causes of backpain, and providing the appropriate fixes for each individuals specific issues.

Backpain Freedom Program
Use our simple self-assessment services to provide us with data about your backpain, then our expert analysts will determine the best course of action, and provide you with what you need to deal with your backpain.

This program is open to adults of all ages, and children 10+, who have mechanical-related backpain (i.e. backpain not cause by illness or injury), and aims to provide significant reduction of backpain within a matter of weeks for most customers.

Requires painkillers?
Requires other medication?
Requires surgery?
Requires time off work?
Requires specialist equipment?
Requires specialist consultations?
Requires specialist training?
Long-term reduction of back pain? 

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Is recurring lower back pain harming your ability to work?

Do you want a long term solution for your lower back pain that is specially designed for you?

Are you losing sleep because of lower back pain?

Do you get lower back pain first thing in the morning?

Do you get lower back pain during the day at work?

Are you finding it hard to enjoy life because of lower back pain?

You will discover how to restore strength and vitality to your lower back while remaining within the safe limits that you set for your activities.

If you follow the back pain freedom program, in one week you can substantially reduce your lower back pain.

After six weeks with the back pain freedom program, you will know how to deal quickly with your back pain when it occurs, and be able to stay pain free for longer and longer lengths of time.