Data Collection

The first step in solving your backpain, is to find out the root cause of it, and to do that, we need information from you.

There are many different causes of backpain, so we have developed a range of methods to get all the data we need for an accurate analysis of your backpain.

The Body Pain Map

Our body-pain-map lets you show us where you are experiencing pain, by simply clicking on the relevant body parts.


Our bespoke smartphone-based web-app analysis your walking pattern, to determine if there is a biomechanical aspect to the root cause of your backpain.

Biometric Data

Simply answer a few questions on your health and physical attributes, as these can help us choose the most effective solutions for your backpain.

Data Analysis

Using bespoke computer software, and years of hands-on experience with back problems, our experts will analyse the data provided, and determine the root causes of your back problems.


Our experts have years of hands-on experience with back problems. With their help, we will be able to determine the root cause of your backpain, and suggest the most appropriate solutions.


We use the latest technology to give our experts an in-depth look at your data, and to increase the accuracy and speed of their analysis.

Continued support

For many people, the causes of backpain are numerous and complex, and there may not be a solution that works instantly, so we will continue to support you, and monitor your progress, as you implement our various solutions.

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