Backpain Freedom Program

The Backpain Freedom Program aims to permanently reduce backpain, by analysing the causes of backpain, and providing the appropriate fixes for each individuals specific issues.

Simply use our online self-assessment services to provide us with data about your backpain, our expert analysts will then determine the best course of action, and provide you with what you need to deal with your backpain.

Requirements and limitations

Unfortunately, the Backpain Freedom Program isn't suitable for everyone.
Our focus is on mechanical-related backpain, and we may be unable to fully help those with other causes of backpain.
To use our program, you must:

  • Be aged 10+ (under 18 require permission from a guardian)
  • Be able to walk freely without support
  • Not be suffering from severe back illness or injury
The assessment phase is done online, so you will also need to:
  • Have access to an internet connection
  • Have access to a smartphone


The different stages of the Backpain Freedom Program should have the following timeframe;

  • Data collection (self-assessment) should take 10-20 minutes
  • Backpain solutions should take several days, for data analysis and postage of any necessary posture supports.
  • A reduction in backpain should be noticeable within the first few days of using our solutions, with further reduction in the following weeks and months.
  • A review of your progress will occur each month, involving further collection of data, and fine-tuning of your backpain solutions if necessary.

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