FAQs about our the Backpain Freedom Program
FAQs about our webside
FAQs about our company

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FAQs about the Backpain Freedom Program

I do not have a smartphone, can I still use the BPM backpain relief plan?
Use of a smartphone is required to use out WWOM app, which provides data we need to determine the cause of your backpain, the solutions we should offer you, and to monitor the progress of the solutions we have offered.
We recomend you borrow a smartphone if you do not have one, but be aware that you will need to use it once a month (for several months) so we can continue monitoring and improving your back.
It is only the WWOM that requires a smartphone to work, the rest of our website features can be used on a PC.

How long before I start seeing results?
It will vary between people, and the causes of their backpain. It can range from feeling improvement within a few hours of using our solutions and being completely pain free in a few weeks, to only feeling improvement after a week and feeling greater improvement after a few months.
Because of variable causes of backpain, some people will only experience a reduction, and not a complete elimination of backpain.

After using your solutions, my backpain has gotten worse. What should I do?
Make sure you have thoroughly read any instruction we have given you. If you have been using our solutions incorrectly, that could be the cause.
If you are using the solutions we have reccomended for someone else, or your backpain is due to indjury or disease, stop using out solutions immediately, as they were not designed for you, and may worsen your specific issues.
Otherwise, please stop using out solutions immediately, and contact us telling us any relevent information.

Will I have to stay on the backpain freedom program for the rest of my life, to stay backpain free?
No, the knowledge, skills, and adivce you gain through our program, will stay with you, even after you leave us.
However, you are still human, and it is possible to injure your back in other ways.

FAQs about our website

Is your website available in other languages?
Not at the moment, but we hope to make it available in most languages in the far future.

Can I provide a testemonial for your website?
Yes, please do. Use the contact form at the very bottom of the page to do so.
Please note; we may edit testemonials for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and/or length.

I have spotted an error on your website, or have other problems with it
Please use the contact form at the very bottom of this page, giving as much relevant detail as you can (e.g. what page was the problem on, what browser, operating system and device were you using, etc).

FAQs about our company

Information on out company is on the About Us page.
If you have a question about our company that isn't answerd on that page, please use to form on the Enquiries page.